Side Projects

I enjoy building things with IoT devices, 3D printing, and upcycling if I can. Here are some of my recent side projects.


Neon Light Decoration

Using an Adafruit Playground Express, fiber optic cables, and neopixels, I was able to repurpose a cardboard shoe box (with some duct tape) into a futuristic light display. The neopixel lights would continuously flow through the cables while changing color, which made it memorizing.


Human Hand

3D Printed Human Hand Sculpture using Marble Filament


Rick Robot

Rick is an autonomous land rover that can fetch objects via voice command and computer vision. Contains a Raspberry Pi 4b, 4 DC motors, motor driver, ultrasonic sensors, camera, Robot Claw (not pictured), and is powered by a battery pack.


Real-Time $TSLA Stock Ticker

Raspberry Pi Zero W powered $TSLA stock ticker displayed on a LCD1602. Fetched the data every few seconds from a depleted API.


Environmental Room Sensor

Raspberry Pi Zero W using a 'Traffic Light' set-up of LEDS to signal temperature and humidity (good=green, fair=yellow, bad=red, error=white) from a SHT40. Temp/humd range was custom to my comfort levels.